Bamboo Floor

Wonderfulfloor® Bamboo at 1850x125x14mm and comes with Cold Pressed Solid Boards using the world’s best patent click system, easy to install and maintain, durable and stable. Hardness (Janka Rating): 14.
Bamboo is one of the strongest flooring materials in the world. It has a tensile strength superior to cold rolled steel and a compressive strength higher than concrete.
Wonderfulfloor® bamboo flooring is market leading in brand due to the following:
•    Raw material consists of using the Mao bamboo species only. This type of bamboo grows on high mountains above the sea level of 500m. It is a type of bamboo species which grows slower and has a much bigger trunk and takes approximately 5-6 years to mature compared to different other fast growing, low sea level or riverside bamboo species.
•    The best glue has been used in the production and test reports show that our bamboo products “Emission rating is E0”, which is better than the International Health Standard of E1 rating.
•    Color selections and finishes including natural bamboo color to imitation of timber color with a wide range to choose fr0m
•    Life-time structural warranty and 25 years domestic finish warranty, superior on quality.
Bamboo is also a renewable and a natural resource that grows much faster than hardwoods. With its fast growth and short harvest period, bamboo is considered to be one of the most environmentally sustainable flooring materials available today. 
Chain of Custody Certificate also available. 


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