Laminated Floor


Laminate Flooring - unilin Click 8mm and 12mm thickness

Laminate flooring is an imitation floor product.

Wonderfulfloor® uses a high density board, with a high definition decor paper, Chain of Custody of raw materials and produced as a high grade floor that brings you a spectacularly unique character to your flooring. The high gloss surface consists of a wax treatment. It is also durable and easy to maintain. It is an easy “do-it yourself” installation product. Resistant to stains and scratches, suitable for intensively residential and commercial use in bedrooms, living rooms, lobby, fitness hall, offices, etc. and comes with a 15 year warranty against wear, stains and fading.

With a great range of decors and styles to choose from, it will bring that desired look that you have been looking for. Produced with the latest technology for healthy living, emissions of vapors are the same as you would expect from wood in its natural state. Made of 100% FSC Mix certified wood sources and produced at the most modern, environmental friendly production facility of its kind.

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